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Solar – Solis – Acrel Meter connection extension Cable

When installing a Solis Hybrid inverter and Pure Drive Energy Storage the inverter comes as standard with a Acrel ACR10R energy meter (in the UK)

and a Standard RS-485 Connection cable, it has the inverter connection one and and a RJ45 the other which is designed to be plugged directly into the Inverter and the Meter.

An issue arises if you want to extend the Cat 5 Cable to reach your energy meter, you would be mistaken in thinking you could simply use a standard RJ-45 Data cable as the extension and patch between the two.

The reason for this is a RS-485 connection requires the signal pairs of wires to be twisted and the signal to be balanced.

The below is the outcome of what we need to achieve to correctly distribute the signal.

So when terminating the Cat5e RS-485 / RJ-45 Extension cable apposed to wiring in the fashion shown above T-568A, Simply swap the Orange and Blue cores over so all the twisted pairs sit adjacent to each other in the RJ45 connector.

As per the below diagram, do this both ends and now your Solis Inverter will Communicate with your Acrel ACR10R energy meter.


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